There are many ways you can give back. Time is always our most precious asset. We always welcome volunteers. Your time and talents are worth their weight in gold. We welcome you to join us on outreach missions. These missions include collecting and serving food,clothing, and personal hygiene items for families in need. In addition we welcome you to participate in our workshops, fundraisers, and current events.

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Gabrielle's Place Volunteers


Gabrielle's Place volunteers are the Greatest!  Donations from our volunteers and sponsors ensure that families in need receive support through their generous donations. We have a family of supporters that contribute small monthly donations that make a big difference in the lives of those in need. Click below to join our family of donors and start making a making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Babies, Babies, Everywhere. Please donate infant formula, diapers, pampers, baby wipes, baby clothes and furniture. Your gifts will be a blessing to new mothers and their infants. So often we have babies born into the world and new mothers unprepared. Please join our efforts to help address these emergencies before they occur. Your donation COUNTS!

​​​When you donate your gently used and new clothing, you are giving a families the much needed relief of the basic necessity-clothing. We accept infant, children, women, and men's clothing. In addition we accept shoes, accessories. Clothing can be dropped off each Saturday 7-12 Noon. In addition we accept gently used new household furniture.

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I would like to thank each of you who have taken time to visit our website. If you have come for help, to volunteer,, or donate. I send you peace, great health and prosperity. 

-Dawn Glover,,, MBA- Founder.

                Teen Giving

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​Group Volunteers

Join us for the most exciting time of the year. Because there are so many children in need of Holiday Gifts "Gabby's Gift"collects toys throughout the year. Contact us today to become one of Santa's Helpers. 

We love getting our young teens involved. We have many workshops and outreach missions geared toward young teens becoming active and giving back to their communities. If your high school teen is need of community services hours please give us a call for an experience your teen won't forget.

We love our Senior Citizens. Please volunteer. We support seniors, and caregivers of Alzheimers'. 

Gabrielle's Place is a non profit organization that provides resources for families affected by poverty. Our goal is to provide families in need with the tools and support services that will assist them in becoming stable. We collaborate  with teams, groups, and organizations throughout the country to work collectively to address the need of families affected by poverty.  Please contact us today to find out how you can make a difference to your community.

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​     ​Senior Volunteer

Volunteers are needed Monday-Thursday from 8am-12noon for clothing and food pantry service. If you can donate your time. Please call 1-866-888-7275

We need your HELP! The winter has set in and we are receiving more calls from families that are in need of food. Please donate fresh fruits & vegetables, meats & poultry, boxed & canned goods.  Your generous food donation will bring nutritional value to families that would otherwise go without a meal.