Career Development

Gabrielle's Place assist with securing temporary employment. However the basis of career development allows participants to find their true passion. Participants are encourage to pursue their passion in life. In addition we assist participants who have the desire to become entrepreneurs develop, and create effective business goals.

humanitarian Effort

All participants are required to work in the community. Gabrielle's Place partners with organizations, churches, and groups in the community. Working in the community fosters positive relationships, develop strong partnerships in the fight against poverty.

Personal Development & Social Skills Training

Personal Development is individually tailored to fit each participant. Gabrielle's Place places emphasis on developing realistic and obtainable goals.  With persistence, dedication and hard work participants are guaranteed to see success.


Transition can be a difficult time. Our trained and licensed staff are on call to provide counseling in the areas of substance abuse, individual and family counseling. All counseling sessions are confidential.

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Financial Management

The importance of financial management is the heart of every family.  During the course of the program participants will learn how to successfully develop a financial budget.  Developing a financial budget will hold the family accountable for its financial growth and development.

health & Wellness

Maintaining health & wellness is important to a families overall success. Gabrielle's Place provides nutrition and dietary education by a certified nutritionist.  In addition physical fitness is offered by certified personal trainer. 

Education First

Gabrielle's Place believes the foundation to financial stability is found at the heart of education. Program participants are required to return to school and earn their GED, or high school diploma. Trade schools and college enrollment are also encouraged. Earning an education or trade will increase overall earning potential.

Gabrielle's Place

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our Solution

Our mission is to remove families from poverty and create stronger communities through persons responsibility.  We believe that having strong communities begin with building strong families.  Our program is dedicated to providing a positive support system centered around goal setting and personal responsibility.  Using this system we have a 90% success rate in assisting those in need to develop stable and productive living environments for their family.